4 – Spain & the entity

13 Feb 2023

I sometimes wonder if fate isn’t a little bit tough. The events are such that I also wonder if I really have the possibility of making choices during this period, if it is really me who makes all these decisions and chooses all these adventures. But I feel carried, alive and everything seems so obvious, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here is episode 4 where I discover energy parasites in my body.

At the end of March, my recovery is going pretty well. I can walk alone again. My body is gradually adapting to the removal of my ascending colon. I am gaining weight and regaining energy after two trying weeks of hospitalization.

But a thought runs through my head. I have not yet found the true origin of the tumor. I’m missing elements, I don’t understand what I’m going through. I then turn to the books recommended by Lola, especially the one that talks about the parasites of energy bodies, the entities. This reading fascinates me, I literally devour this book. Everything resonates in me, I’m like a child in a candy store. But once this reading is over, question, what do I do now ? Lola recommends a 10-day course in Spain on this theme. Where do I sign ?

Well, by contacting the school, I learn that it is entirely in Spanish. Small detail, my Spanish is already 25 years old. There are 2 months left before the internship, I register. With a bit of luck, it’ll work. I download an application on my phone to go back to the basics of the Iberian language, get up to speed and studiously learn the specific vocabulary that may be useful to me, such as that of human anatomy.

Small budget, I leave by night bus from La Rochelle to Madrid. The adventure could have ended there, the Spanish driver begins to fall asleep at the wheel. I don’t want to end up in the “miscellaneous facts” pages, I’m going to see the driver. The only words that come out of my mouth are: “I’m scared”. Message received, a colleague replaces it.

The course takes place in a small training center located near the border of Portugal, in the middle of cherry trees and tobacco crops. Everything is done on site, training, meals and accommodation. The place is pleasant, nature, sun, swimming pool, here we go !

Departure a little wobbly, I who counted on non-verbal communication to compensate for my Spanish a little weak, it’s missed ! The first words of the trainer are to invite us to take off our glasses. I am myopic, I can see clearly 20 cm from my face. Suffice to say that I did not see much of this internship. But this delicate situation allowed me to develop another sense, like a kind of intuition.

Beginning of the practice in pairs. The first person lies down and becomes “the connected” and the other remains seated at his side, he is the “connector”. The connector extends his arm, gathers his 5 fingers and presses on the belly of the connected (My belly is a battlefield after the operation with a large scar in the middle. At my request the connections will be made above the navel). He then realizes a connection protocol becoming the energetic conductor between his coronal (see beyond) and the energetic body of the connected.
The principle is to connect a memory present in the energy body (called samskara), to relive it so that it discharges its energy potential. Thus, the memory remains but without energy, it can no longer intervene in our lives. It can be about memories of “past lives” or of this present life.

I come to explore this notion of entity, parasite of energy bodies. I gradually understand that many participants in the course have the same expectation. My sessions are only about my present life. It’s a little disturbing at first because having already experienced these moments, I manage to doubt what is really going on. The days pass, my exploration becomes clearer. I do have an entity in the body and this energy is trying to scare me. During a session, I perceive a spider laying its eggs in my eye. It is then explained to me that the entity feels discovered and tries to create a diversion so that I abandon the search. A great light comes to clean up, phew.

I understand that to extract it you have to know when and why it was able to enter my body. Sometimes the emotional charge at the origin of the entry of the entity is so strong that it is better not to extract it. So I have to find where it came from and how it got in.

I have one session left. I choose my partner, Israeli. I know he can manage and not be manipulated. His session will be on the theme of heavy torture in Nazi camps during World War II. Powerful session on the experiments made on the Jews, apogee of horror and inhumanity.

In my turn, we go back little by little the thread of my life. Nothing. Time passes and a little voice echoes in my head: there are only 5 minutes left, you don’t have time, give up… It’s not true, I’m holding on, I didn’t come all this way for nothing. And finally, my body starts to move on its own, I don’t understand what is happening. Convulsions lead to fears.
Suddenly, a flash of lucidity, I will be born, these convulsions are contractions ! I understand, I am in my mother’s womb, the entity is in front of me, she says she is part of my great-grandmother. She does not want to be alone and takes advantage of my fear to enter my body at the time of my birth.

The session is over, we will be able to extract it. Phew !
The extraction is done the next day by a therapist. This is an individual session in another room. I lie down and he stays seated. No physical contact this time. This is followed by songs, words in another language, it looks like prayers.

Half an hour later I get up, the result is incredible. All the tension in my lower abdomen disappeared. I feel free for the first time in my life.

The entity is not an evil or evil energy. Just an opportunistic parasite that takes advantage of open doors to find a new cozy nest. The problem is that in its presence, the body’s energy circulates less well and certain areas of the body are undernourished and, for lack of energy, develop diseases. And a program is often associated with the presence of an entity, causing the generation of identical emotions and addictions.

My euphoria is short-lived, the therapist tells me about another presence in my body. I feel it too, higher in the liver. The adventure is still not over…

This experience allowed me to discover the power of my will. What seemed normal to me, I was simply unfolding my life, appeared to be courageous in the eyes of others. This will that allowed me to realize my impulses in life, to take action despite these fears that appeared along the way. And that was just the beginning, much to my mother’s regret !


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