5 – Brazil & another entity

23 Feb 2023

When I return from Spain, I can’t imagine stopping for a second on such a good path. Sometimes the most greatest resistance and all the procrastinating energy in the world cannot stop us. What followed seemed so logical that everything fell into place quickly and naturally. Even the delicate financial aspect on standby since the beginning of the year has miraculously been resolved.

The next internship in Spain of this school is in 6 months. I can’t imagine staying for so long with this parasitic energy in my body. The next course in Europe will take place in Slovenia. I don’t speak Slovenian well… don’t push too hard on the challenges !

And there, I’m thinking of Lola I met in Bali, a teacher in this school in Australia, trained to remove entities. I ask him for help. She accepts, telling me that she now lives in Brazil, her native country. Lucky for me, I know this country. Part of my family has lived there for over half a century. I’ve been there a few times already. We are planning a week in September for an exploration & extraction package.

Which brings me to the financial side of all my adventures. I have so far used the silver that I had set aside for rent. The apartment I live in has been sold and the new owner never contacted me. She does not answer the phone and does not go look for my registered letters at the post office. Situation never seen for the lawyers I consult. My sister is worried about me using this money for this new trip. I do not have really the choice. And it was at this precise moment that the owner contacted me… double miracle! She announces that she wants to move in in 6 months and does not want the two years’ rent, incredible. I take that as a sign that I’m pedaling in the right direction!

I then ask my last 3 weeks of vacation, and prepare my trip. It’s time to go, between the emotional charge of seeing Lola again and the presence of the entity, I can’t swallow anything anymore for a few weeks now. I am weak and weigh 48 kg for 1.60 m, my suitcase is filled with high protein food supplements. A “soul healer” who accompanies me to this time advises me of whatever happens “get on the plane”.

And it’s done, more easily than I had imagined. Off to Sao Paulo ! This trip gives me the opportunity to visit a cousine living in this city. New synchronicity, I arrive on weekend of her son’s baptism. But my physical weakness added to the fatigue of the trip did not will not allow you to take part in the festivities for long.

My hyper-protective and controlling Brazilian family wants to drive me in the state neighbor of Parana. I know them curious and suspicious about my approach. I am of age, I would go only. I set my limit, I’ll take the bus, it’s decided !

Lola is for me what spirituality calls “twin flame” or “fusional flame”. I do not do not know today the mechanisms of the diagrams of this kind of link. My experience is feel every kind of love possible for someone I don’t know. And it is in at the same time a perfect mirror and its opposite.

When I arrive by bus, we are in mirror mode, dressed the same way, white t-shirt, jeans and blue shoes. My English is approximate, communication will not be easy. Lola lives with her mother, I live with the neighbor who is also in charge of cooking… if I manage to eat. My room is large and comfortable, large bed, two bathrooms (?) and a dressing room. The garden is landscaped, a hammock awaits me on the terrace.

The sessions take place at my place, they look like those in Spain. At first, meeting with my inner little girl (lonely and sad), then a life as an African healer and then a bath of love generated by my brother who died 20 years earlier. I learn that my belly likes new things. This information will remain etched in my mind and will be verified very often. I love new experiences !

While looking for the entrance to the entity, this time it is the image of a snake that is presented to me to scare me and dissuade me from going further. It doesn’t work very long, I see above my head on a beam, a stuffed snake !

Then the information comes, the entity is in my liver. She came in when my brother was put in beer in the hospital. I discover the scene in slow motion: I enter the room where his body is, I am the last of the family to come and say goodbye. I hesitated for a long time to see this reality with my own eyes but I feel that I need it. Last minute compromise, I go in without my glasses (I am myopic).

One of the 5 or 6 energies that energetically made up my brother, connects me asking me for help. My answer is spontaneous: I cannot help you, you are dead. And there, I see this energy charge entering through the door of my suffering heart left ajar, then it goes to my liver. Over 16 years ago now.

In the light of all this new information, I see this period of my life from another angle. I, following the accidental death of my brother, felt a lot of fear. I thought that this traumatic event was at the origin of them, when in fact it was this parasitic energy that generated them. I had gone from a lifeguard at sea jumping from helicopters to a fearful paralysis on the back of an elephant in Thailand. Which earned me a reflection from my sister : but who are you ? where is Agnes ?

Key session, now we can relax, and why not Shaker ? Why not, after all, it is a common practice, we met at the Ashram of Ratu Bagus. Lola prepares the tobacco infusion, concentrated to hyper-concentrated, black in fact. Injection in the nose, my nervous system implodes, I relax. And there surprise, instead of Gayatri mantra, it’s techno that comes out of the speakers. Recovery from my surprise, I Shake, the rhythm supports me well, it’s really a funny experience.

Now is the time for extraction. Same ritual as in Spain, songs, prayers, words of great vibratory power. I myself find it difficult to stay lying on the spot, I would go well with the entity… Follows the plaster of grated potato supposed to capture the residual energy of the entity.

I stay an extra week to recover in peace and then go back to enjoy my family in Sao Paulo. This strange bond of affection with Lola will end when I leave Brazilian soil. Back in France, I am “cured” medically and energetically speaking. I will still have the annual scan that will validate this healing path off the beaten track.

I am cured of course, but the return to my daily life is difficult. The contrast of all these adventures with my little city life is enormous. I discover that I like traveling, meeting people, sharing, new things. I came out of my cave and took a liking to this new life. These adventures make me alive. I left my couch 9 months ago, and I don’t want to go back. A decision is imposed on me, I don’t want this life anymore. I decide to leave everything.



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