CDS, but what is it ?

26 Dec 2022

We hear more and more about CDS. Some call it miraculous, others compare it to bleach. The different opinions are so opposed, and the arguments very far from objective scientific studies (if it still exists…) that it is difficult to form your own opinion. This is why I wanted to share my experiences with you.

But what is this product called CDS ? It is a chlorine dioxide solution. A yellow liquid that comes from a mixture of sodium chlorite (be careful, it’s not table salt) and an acid. It is above all the yellow and very volatile and odorous gas which is dissolved in distilled water. It is officially used to make water drinkable and to disinfect swimming pools. It is said to oxygenate the blood (in recent times it is worth gold!). It seems to rebalance the pH and is a great disinfectant. The oxygenation of the body, just like the increase in the vibratory rate during the Shaking revives our metabolism, our natural detox (see my post on the Ashram of Ratu Bagus). It is therefore a very powerful detoxifier.

I will not explain in detail how to make your own CDS. There are plenty of videos on the internet that explain and illustrate it very well. I can simply share my experience around the realization and its use. I’m not going to go into MMS either, I haven’t experienced it.

I had the chance to experience CDS when I caught the “big flu”. I heard about it for a few weeks, curious mind, I wanted to try (the CDS, not the flu. Coincidence of the calendar, I receive the CDS the first day of the flu. The day I am stuck in the bed, without being able to lift a finger. The protocol provided to me indicates 10 ml in a liter morning and evening. The product burns my throat a little, it tastes like water from the footbath of the municipal swimming pool. But the next day, my physical symptoms subside, in a week I am cured. The most pleasant feeling is to feel the oxygen coming back into my body. It is accompanied by a momentum, a need from my body to this product, clearly it wants more. To be honest, what will take the longest time to come back is the morale, the joy of living. Perhaps due to the strange nature of this virus .

I now know 2 “recipes” for making your own CDS. The first has citric acid as an activator and the second hydrochloric acid. I was told that the activating acid could even be lemon juice! The COMUSAV, world organization of doctors working with the CDS seems to use hydrochloric acid. That’s what I’m using right now. A herbalist friend who treated many people around her during the flu health crisis also uses hydrochloric acid. She now wants to try citric acid as an activator. She received the information that the CDS from this acid would have a less acidic pH and a better concentration. What I do know is that water quality is very important. Not only should it contain no chlorine, but also very little or no minerals. And for the simple reason that the more water is devoid of minerals, the more it will be able to accommodate gas molecules. So, the more powerful the CDS solution will be. And I checked it with my double distilled solar water vs bottled water. I really felt a difference in focus. With bottled water, the CDS seemed light, bland.

After finding the materials and reagents, I wondered how to make double distilled water. I am in the dynamic of doing as much as possible by myself, just to keep my power. At the same time, I was in a solar floral water experience. Something simple, accessible to as many people as possible. It was a friend who gave me the idea, a stainless steel pot, the one with two plastic handles on the sides and a glass lid. Small dismantling of the central handle of the lid, a piece of cork and a small branch to plug the holes. I reverse the cover, concave side down and voila! It remains to find the right Pyrex bowl to receive the distilled water. Neither too small nor too tall. I place it in the middle of the pot containing a few centimeters of water, put the glass lid on and put everything in the sun. It’s magic, it just works! The water from the bottom of the pot heats up, condenses on the lid and drips into the bowl. I can harvest every evening when the sun is strong enough. And it works for making floral waters or distilled water. To get doubly distilled water, just pass it through twice! Well, it takes time, but it’s worth it, the CDS made with this water has an extra soul! Otherwise, you can find distilled water for baby bottles in pharmacies, it’s faster and quite practical !

There are dozens, if not hundreds of protocols. The first person who taught me the CDS, a retired chemist, explained to me the basic protocol stipulating that each situation requires an adapted protocol. There are many of them in Andreas Ludwig Kalcker’s book, “The Forbidden Health”. But when I started my first 21-day cure with my own CDS, the protocols got me a little drunk. I am lazy by constitution. So I started with a drop in a glass of water. This allows you to test for a possible allergy to the element chlorine. The second day I put some CDS in my glass bottle which I drank during the day. Then as the days go by I put more and more without measuring. My guide is my body. At first he asks for more, then at one point he tells me to stop. Always through my tense liver. At this time I continue the cure by reducing the doses until the 21st day. Like any basic treatment, I’m going slowly but surely. I had to lighten my diet during the cures, especially in terms of animal proteins and fats. When I stop I make sure to replenish vitamin C with fruit and lime juice. Vitamin C seems to disappear from the body during the use of CDS. I also received advice from a user not to use lemon at the same time as CDS. I don’t have a scientific explanation, with MMS, I would understand if the chemical reaction is not complete, but with CDS, I don’t know why. If you have a clue, I’ll take it !
My experiences with the CDS are very positive, I did not feel any particular nuisance. I know that very sensitive people stay on minimal doses in order to avoid digestive disorders. It is possible for these people not to ingest it but to put the CDS in a footbath. There is also the possibility of putting a small diluted dose in the navel, which for me was not a success. I explain: my navel is a disaster area, 5 laparoscopic surgeries. As a result, the scars, more sensitive than my “original” skin, burned a little on the second day of the experience. Nothing dramatic but I stopped there! It is also important not to use anything metal during the manipulations.
I wonder why is the CDS so decried ? Personally, when I see the list of its detractors, “those who want us well” (WHO, FDA, many health institutions and fact-checkers…) I change sidewalks. There is like a halo of prohibition and secrecy around this product. It’s almost as if the reagents were sold on the black market. What if it was very effective ? I’ve read that CDS incinerates large chemical molecules that are toxic to the body, precisely the ones it doesn’t know what to do with directly in the cells. That which one must pass from the cells to the blood, then, from the blood to the excretory organ by crossing the fingers so that the corresponding emunctory is opened. If this is not the case, the body must bring these large molecules back into the cells, having spent all this energy for nothing. And there, the CDS would burn those bulky molecules right into the cells. Our body would only have to manage the ashes, miracle !

Here are the elements that I have today and that I can share. It’s up to you to pick right and left to make your own experience.


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